Three Rings for a Lifetime of Love: The Meaning Behind Stacked Wedding Rings

Three Rings for a Lifetime of Love: The Meaning Behind Stacked Wedding Rings

In the typical American tradition, women wear three rings on their fingers:

  • An engagement ring on the left ring finger
  • A wedding band on the right
  • An eternity band (or another sentiment ring) stacked above or below the wedding band

Engagement rings usually feature diamonds as they symbolize purity, honesty, and love; however, other gemstones are oftentimes used in engagement rings depending on the recipient's preferences.


Why stacked wedding rings are meaningful

People often get stacked wedding rings to commemorate special occasions in their lives. For example, they might choose three rings because they first met when they were thirteen, got engaged when they were twenty-four, and married when they were thirty-eight. Or perhaps stacking is just part of their style and represents an eternal love (an eternity ring). Either way, there's no doubt that unique stacked wedding rings have a story behind them, which makes them special. When you buy unique stacked wedding rings, you know it was handcrafted with care and thoughtfulness.

On another note, stacking isn't just limited to women! Men can also stack their bands if they'd like; it's a great way to wear your heritage on your finger. Check out our vintage/antique men's gold band selection and our Art Deco men's gold band collection! Also, check out some of our engagement ring buying guides if you're thinking about proposing soon! We've compiled all kinds of information on diamonds, gemstones, and more, so that your sentimental purchase is made with certainty and love!


What each band symbolizes

Traditionally, most women have stacked wedding bands with a solitaire diamond ring on top. However, you can still personalize your stack by mixing and matching gold or platinum bands with different colored stones. Most women wear three rings to a stack – one for engagement, one for marriage, and one for eternal love (an eternity ring – usually given as an anniversary gift). If you choose not to have multiple rings in your stack, there is no wrong way to do it; wear whichever rings you want or show off your gorgeous solitaire by itself. With wedding rings being such an essential part of everyone's life now, I think it is fantastic that people create their traditions instead of following others' rules about what people should be wearing.


Why stacked wedding bands go hand-in-hand with marriage

According to an old Irish proverb, marriage is rung upon rings. It's not just sentimental; there are practical reasons, too. Three thin bands are more accessible to wear than one big one, and they allow you to mix and match different styles depending on your mood or outfit. They look great when stacked with an eternity ring or two, which gives it that extra something special. A single band can certainly be lovely, but three bands make it even more enjoyable. And maybe that sentimentality comes into play after all!


Stacking your engagement, wedding, and eternity ring show a relationship commitment

Most women who choose to stack their rings don't do so just because they love how it looks. Instead, many women stack their rings to represent their commitment and bond and forever show how much they love one another. For example, wearing three rings shows that you were engaged once but now have taken your relationship to a higher level with Marriage. Wearing these three stacked rings shows people that you are genuinely committed to each other through thick and thin, no matter what may come your way. Now that's an eternity of love! And why wouldn't you want everyone around you to see it? So this year, don't just think about getting her engagement ring—consider making it part of a unique tradition!


Why couples get matching bands

According to Le Vian, there are three main reasons why couples choose to get matching bands:

  1. Some people get matching rings as a symbol of their unity. While some bands have gemstones or metals that have different meanings, most engaged couples choose bands that are identical in appearance.
  2. People often select matching rings because they want two versions of an engagement ring. Having two different rings isn't very practical and can be inconvenient if you're looking to wear both at once on your wedding day or want one band to wear while you're at work and another one when you're spending time with your family.
  3. Many couples choose matching rings to create a stack.

A stack comprises three rings – one for engagement, one for marriage, and one for eternity (often given as an anniversary gift). This allows women to remember special times in their lives every day by wearing these beautiful pieces stacked together.

Many women like wearing multiple rings to show off how much love they have received throughout their lives. But what about men? Do men also wear various rings? And do those men typically stack them together as women do? We took a look at our data from thousands of customers who purchased stacking sets over the past year. We found out how many men buy multiple bands and whether or not those men typically stack them together!

The results were surprising!


Choosing the right wedding band

There are two main types of wedding bands: stacked rings and solitaire rings. While both serve to commemorate an important moment in your life, there are significant differences between them, so picking one can seem overwhelming. In particular, selecting stacked rings requires you to consider some unique factors that don't apply when purchasing a single ring. While there's no one correct answer, choosing between these styles is ultimately about you—and what your relationship means to you. To help with that decision-making process, here are three things that stacked rings mean for anyone looking to wear one for years to come.


How much are these unique pieces worth?

You can spend hundreds or thousands on stackable rings—and that's not including any diamonds (or other stones) set in them. While many jewelers offer an array of low-cost choices, some exceptional pieces are available. For example, these custom-made and artfully stacked wedding bands with solitaire are priced anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 each.


When does it make sense to purchase stacked wedding bands?

The wedding band is one of those pieces that can either be simple and understated or unique and complex. Adding gems to your band or stacking wedding bands with diamonds creates a strong visual impact, but these rings aren't for everyone. Here are some questions to consider before making your purchase: What kind of ring is my partner looking for? If she's expecting three rings in one, you may have an easier time finding exactly what she's envisioning. However, if her taste falls more toward simplicity or elegance, you may need to customize it yourself. Do we want our rings to serve as conversation starters? Having special meaning behind your rings will mean something unique each time you look at them on your hand.


Consult Savransky Private Jeweler for a stacked wedding band set 

When it comes to jewelry, less is usually more. That rings true even when it comes to wedding bands. Look no further than Savransky Private Jeweler for stacked wedding bands with solitaire when you want multiple rings in one set. Made by master artisans with quality metals and stones that are conflict-free, these sets give you three beautiful pieces at once -– and they're all in one clean band. So choose your center stone size, metal color, and accent diamond size –- and start stacking! You'll love showing off your unique stacked wedding rings on your big day, but they also make terrific anniversary gifts! They say that if you wear your anniversary band every day, it will bring good luck throughout life and beyond!

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