About Savransky Private Jeweler

Savransky Private Jeweler proudly features only the finest quality of diamonds available worldwide, exquisitely set within the highest standards of artistry and craftsmanship. At Savransky Private Jeweler, all of our diamonds are GIA certified and of exceptional quality. Each diamond is exclusively selected, flawlessly cut, and meticulously set by hand. Savransky Private Jeweler’s masterpieces are truly original and lovingly crafted by the skilled hands of our Master Jewelers. In this world of mass production, Savransky offers you a breathtaking and distinctive experience, as no two rings or necklaces are identical. Every Savransky piece is an exquisite statement of creativity and originality—as unique as the person for whom it was personally created. 

About Hanan

Hanan is the brilliant mastermind behind the stunning Savransky jewels. Born into a family line of Master diamond cutters, Hanan's passion for diamonds was in his blood—originating during his early years in Israel, nurtured by his family's tradition and love of working with precious stones. Hanan earned the title of 'Master Cutter' after years of intensive training under highly-skilled Master Diamond Cutters. A prominent Asian diamond company then relocated Hanan to Japan, where he demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for shaping rare, fancy colored diamonds. Thus, solidifying his professional knowledge and appreciation of radiant gems while developing his signature style. Inspired by dazzling, exotic paradises, pristine beaches, crystalline streams and galaxies of radiant stars, Hanan achieved designs of utmost creativity and craftsmanship. What sets Savransky Jewelers apart is Hanan’s relentless pursuit of excellence coupled with his inspired signature designs. The result is unique and meticulously crafted collections of jewelry found nowhere else in the world. It is in showcasing the most brilliant diamonds and gems the earth has to offer that we can state unequivocally —

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