Savransky Diamond and Gemstone Certificates

Our diamonds and gemstones are inspected and evaluated by professional gemologists in a licensed International Gemological laboratory.

What is a Diamond or Gemstone Certificate?

A diamond or gemstone certificate is a document prepared by an objective 3rd party lab that describes a stone in all of its features— including the Four C's.

What are the 4 Cs?

  • Color - However, in the diamond world, the absence of color is probably a better definition. An organically pure and essentially perfect diamond has no color—think of a trickling pristine mountain brook—and therefore, commands a much higher value.


  • Clarity - Diamond clarity speaks to the absence of flaws known as inclusions or blemishes. The trouble is that many of these flaws are invisible to the naked, untrained eye. This is why an expert diamond grader should be consulted in all instances.


  • Cut - The cut of a diamond refers to how well the facets of a stone reflect the light. Precision, artistic ability and experience are essential to shape a gemstone, so that its dimensions and symmetry produce a dazzling reflection of light that catches the eye like only a diamond can.


  • Carat - This refers to the weight of the diamond or gemstone. Theoretically, the price of a diamond increases along with its carat weight. However, two diamonds of identical weight can be on opposite ends of the spectrum value-wise, contingent upon color, clarity, and cut.

Certificates also provide customers with authentication and assurance in their fine jewelry purchases. Certificates also come in handy for appraisals, insurance coverage and resale. Please note that unlike human beings, not all certifications are created equal. Rest assured, however, that Savransky Private Jeweler enlists only the most reputable Gemological Laboratories for their diamond and gemstone certificates.