How to Style Your Mismatched Stacked Wedding Bands for the 2022 Holiday Season

How to Style Your Mismatched Stacked Wedding Bands for the 2022 Holiday Season

Wedding bands, infinity rings, and fashion rings come in many different styles but this holiday season, let's combine all your favorite pieces to create a curated stack that will be the sparkle of the party. Stacked rings have been flitting through fashion for eons and recently, the minimalism style of 2017 is out of the door, and stacked rings, busy and loud jewelry is all the rage. Couples often wear wedding rings in two different styles. If you are considering stacking your wedding band with an additional ring or another one that isn't exactly like it, consider these tips for styling your mismatched stacked wedding bands for the 2022 holiday season.

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Stack Them

Stacked rings is a way to combine your favorite rings, that independently, don't appear to complement each other, but with a few tweaks and the right method, makes the stack look as though each ring was designed to be worn together. Not sure how to style your mismatched stacked wedding bands for the upcoming holiday season? We've got you covered! Here are a few tips that ensure your stack will look like it was designed for Vogue. Don't be shy to mix metals, wear them together on the one hand! For example, combine your white and yellow gold ring, to see that instead of clashing colors, the contrast of the metals allows the rings to really pop. This is a great way of adding a new lease of life on an old ring you may no longer wear anymore, as the combination of a contrasting metal will let the ring stack really come to life. Should you have three rings of two different metals, stack them on a finger with the contrasting metal sitting sandwiched between the two rings. Don't be shy to display all of your favorite pieces this holiday season, when styled correctly, all your favorite pieces can be worn and look gorgeous. Discover how to style your stacked rings here.


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Try on New Ways to Wear Them

We love our mismatched stacked wedding bands, and we know you do too! But how can you style them for the upcoming holiday season? Here are a few ideas to make your rings look brilliant. As mentioned before, stacking your rings on a single finger is a classic way to wear a stacked ring, but it is not the only way! Combine your favorite rings by wearing rings on two or even three adjacent fingers. Don't be scared to fiddle them and try which pattern suits your look best! Another idea of how to make your stack work, is if your stack looks a little to busy for your liking, flip the ring around, so the metal band is on display. This will complement the other rings, as well as having a band of metal to balance your look. Mix it up with various metals: gold or platinum; yellow gold or white gold; platinum or palladium. This is a great way to add some bling and festivity to any outfit. So how will you wear yours this holiday season? 


Pair them with your Partner's Rings

If you're looking for a way to add a little extra something to your mismatched stacked wedding bands, why not pair them with some of your partner's rings? This is a great way to add that uniqueness to your stack as generally you and your partners rings will be very different in style and that is what is perfect for stacking; as the more contrast in style and look is what makes for a great stack. Usually wearing your partners ring is a no-go because of size difference, but with stacked rings that is a minor problem. If the ring is too large, place a ring that does fit you atop of your partners ring on your finger, to act as a barrier and place holder for the large ring. If its too small, try your smallest finger, or add it as a charm to your bracelet or necklace. Who says stacked rings have to be worn on your hand? This is a great way to show off your unique style and make a statement. Plus, it'll be a fun conversation starter when people ask about your rings.


Remember the Holidays

It's never too early to start thinking about how you want to style your mismatched stacked wedding bands for the holidays! There are endless possibilities, whether you're going for a traditional look or something more unique. Here are a few tips to start styling your rings for this season: first, find a neutral base (like silver) and mix in other metals that can be worn as rings and accessories (gold, copper). Secondly, don't shy away from shapes like circles and ovals; they'll create an exciting contrast with their partners. Lastly, don't forget to accessorize! Mix up your jewelry box with pieces complimenting your mismatched wedding band stack: think delicate necklaces and statement earrings - anything goes this time of year!


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Mix and Match Colors

With so many unique colors and styles of wedding bands, it can be tough to decide how to wear them all! But don't worry, we're here to help. Here are some tips on mixing and matching your mismatched stacked wedding bands for the upcoming holiday season. - Coordinate one color family with another by stacking a ring with a different metal tone next to each other in the same color family. For example, a yellow gold ring and a rose gold ring could go together because they both have warm tones. - Stack one neutral-colored wedding band next to an eye-catching piece often used as an accent like black or navy blue. As well as combining different metals, don't forget the endless possibilities of combining gemstones and diamonds to add that colorful holiday spirit to your look. Here is our most popular way of stacking your rings! Our favorite gemstone combination is white diamonds and blue sapphires. 


Diamonds and Sapphires 

If you're looking for a unique way to style your mismatched stacked wedding bands, why not try diamonds and sapphires? The two stones complement each other perfectly, and the pop of color will add a festive touch to your holiday look. Here are a few tips to help you get started 

1) For small budgets, go with lab grown diamonds instead of natural diamonds. 

2) Mixing sapphire earrings with a diamond necklace makes the perfect mixed combo! 

3) When stacking rings, apart from coordinating the metal, ensure that the size of the stones on your ring, coordinate and complement each other rather than fight for attention. 


Celebs that are wearing Mismatched Stacked Wedding Bands

If you're looking for some inspiration on how to style your mismatched stacked wedding bands, look no further than these celebrities. They've all worn their rings in unique and stylish ways that the experts of fashion have loved. Beyoncé wore her two rings as an addition to a choker. Kim Kardashian rocked her ring stack as a new nose piercing. While filming Mother's . Finally, Nicki Minaj has been wearing her rings from time to time but always in different colors - blue and red were her latest choices.


Add Some Bling - Gradient or Micro-Pave Settings Section: Invest in Good Quality Vintage Rings

If you are looking to purchase new rings to create a stack, a great addition to stacked bands are gradient or micro-pave settings as the smaller diamonds add the sparkle to the stack without taking away attention from the center stone. When looking for a ring stack we recommend to invest in good quality rings as, stacked bands will be worn for a lifetime and more. Savransky Private Jeweler, can help you find the perfect rings for your special day. 

Diamond rings from Savransky Private Jeweler come with impeccable craftsmanship and make excellent foundation pieces for gorgeous mismatched stacked wedding bands for the 2022 holiday season.


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