Trending in 2022: Mismatched Stacked Wedding Bands

Trending in 2022: Mismatched Stacked Wedding Bands

Minimalism is now a thing of the past. Latest trends are now showing a variety of styles contrasting and complementing each other when it comes to stacked wedding bands. Who wants minimalism when you can curate your fingers with your unique and sentimental pieces?

Remember that rule of don't mismatch white and yellow gold? Thanks to recent trends, that rule has now been abolished! The height of fashion right now is to proudly wear your different colored jewelry together allowing each piece to stand out, as well as creating a beautiful blend of jewelry.

Stacked wedding rings have been around for ages. With engagement rings, wedding bands and eternity bands, and other sentimental gifts, wearing them proudly together now has never been easier.

Stacked wedding bands offer a customizable look that can change every single day. Think of foregoing some of your everyday bands, and adding the ones that are sitting at the back of your jewelry box, combining different rings, adds a new lease of life for your jewelry pieces. Combining different rings introduces a different style of the stacked rings, even if one or two rings remain the same. Check out How To Stack Your Rings here for our advice!

Most jewelers offer a collection of bridal sets that has an engagement ring and wedding band that were designed to work cohesively together. When rings were created to be work together, think of having an alternate color gold for the wedding band. Our collection of bridal sets, is easily customizable for you to choose a set and customize it to feature two contrasting golds that will complement each other, to make your finger sparkle and shine.

An alternate style to stacked wedding rings, is instead of having numerous rings on a single finger, think of gracing the adjacent fingers with rings, instead of stacking them. This option provides more comfort, and a little more freedom when picking different styles of bands. Having numerous fingers bejeweled with rings, is within the same framework as the stacked wedding rings, as the purpose is to allow all your jewelry to work and blend beautifully without looking unorganized. 

Mismatching stacked rings means display your pieces to your hearts content! You will look fashionable and unique! We think this trend is here to stay because of the creative freedom it allows each individual. Have fun mismatching!

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