Where to Propose in Israel: 5 Romantic Spots to Pop the Question

Where to Propose in Israel: 5 Romantic Spots to Pop the Question

Are you planning to propose to your significant other your upcoming trip to Israel? Don't worry! With our list of 5 fantastic proposals in Israel, you'll be able to give your significant other the proposal they deserve.

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Planning is everything

When it comes to proposing, planning is everything. Of course, you want everything to be perfect, so you must pick the right time and place and make sure your significant other is completely surprised. The best sites for proposals are in romantic settings such as private beaches, restaurants with spectacular views, or a secluded lookout point overlooking the city. 

You may also consider an iconic location such as Jerusalem's Western Wall or Tel Aviv's beautiful Bauhaus-style Dizengoff Square. 


The Right Time of Year

No matter what time of year you visit Israel, there's always something romantic about the country. However, springtime may be the best time to pop the question. The weather is perfect for walks on the beach or picnics in the park, and plenty of flowers are in bloom to add a touch of romance to your proposal. 

The Perfect Location

When it comes to where to propose, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Instead, the perfect proposal location depends on your relationship and what will make your partner say yes!

 Whether you want an intimate, private moment or a big public spectacle, there are many places in Israel where you can propose with style. Here are five of our favorite romantic spots for popping the question!


1) Einot Tzukim 

 One of the most popular locations in Israel to propose is Einot Tzukim, also known as Jacob's Wells. These springs between Bethlehem and Hebron were revered by ancient peoples as wells where old biblical figures such as Jacob watered their flocks. You can swim in the naturally occurring spring pools or relax while eating lunch at one of the nearby restaurants that line both sides of the road overlooking these historic sites.

Einot tzukim


2) Yehiam Fortress National Park 

You can visit Beit Shean, take a stroll down Nahal Zin, and enjoy a picnic lunch among trees while seated on a hill overlooking Beit Shean National Park. You can also visit ancient ruins and see ancient cisterns that have become water pools for families to enjoy.


Yehiam Fortress


3) Hasharon Beach

 Sharon Beach is a beautiful site. A fantastic view of the azure ocean awaits you between the dunes of Kurkar rock - and you will have an ideal spot for everlasting love. An engagement ring, a sunset, and a beach make for an unforgettable event.


Hasharon beach

4) Nahsholim - Dor Beach

Do white, sandy beaches, clear blue waters, and magnificent views of the Carmel Mountains touch a chord? This oasis is a beautiful place to declare your love to your significant half.



5) Timna Hidden Lake

Keep driving south on Highway 90, and you'll come across Timna Lake. There are no signs for it, so you'll have to know where it is beforehand. Once you arrive at the lake, park your car and walk down a dirt path. As you descend into the valley, you will come across a large crystal clear lake surrounded by sand dunes. The whole scene is straight out of a postcard or picture book. 


Timna hidden lake


6) Golan Heights 

A classic proposal location, you can take a romantic stroll on one of Golan's famed hiking trails before popping open a bottle of champagne and proposing. You can also have a barbecue on Golan's beautiful hillsides and enjoy great views over Lake Kinneret as you enjoy your meal. Why not fly a hot air balloon if you're looking for something different? Or rent a boat and set off on a sunset cruise through Haifa Bay. There really is something for everyone! And don't forget, if you're staying near the beaches of Tel Aviv and don't feel like taking a car ride, walking on the Promenade takes less than an hour. All things considered, this is often one of the best times to pop the question! Another great way of making your proposal in the Golan Heights that extra special, consider helicoptering your way there to visit the boutique wineries, to set the scene for your big romantic moment. Click here to find out more!


Golan Heights

Extra Effort Goes a Long Way

There's something about being on vacation that makes us feel more romantic. Maybe it's the new surroundings or the relaxation that comes with being away from work and everyday responsibilities.

If you get a chance to tour a little bit while you are here, these are our must-see recommendations of places to visit, things to experience and sights to see.


  • Explore the old city by foot and see places like St. James' Church, where Christian tradition says Jesus was baptized;
  • Mount of Olives, from which it is said Jesus ascended into heaven;
  • Garden Tomb, believed by some Christians to be where Jesus was buried after his crucifixion;
  • Church of All Nations, with its stained-glass windows depicting scenes from the Bible.

Tel Aviv:

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