What is a Stacked Wedding Ring?

What is a Stacked Wedding Ring?

How many wedding rings do you currently wear? Perhaps you have a ring on each finger, or you only wear your engagement ring and nothing else. Many people think that stacking wedding rings is only famous in some regions of the world, but it's becoming more common in America. Wondering what it means to stack wedding rings? Read on!


Tips for stacking your wedding rings

The best way to stack your wedding rings is to place your engagement ring on top. Of course, this means you'll also wear your wedding band on top of that, making it even easier to spot any missing or mismatched stones. For example, if you're wearing three rings—an engagement ring, a wedding band, and another band for fun—you'd wear them stacked: the Engagement ring, then the wedding band, and finally the second band. The excellent news about stacking your rings is that it can work with any engagement ring; whether you have an eternity band or a one-of-kind vintage diamond ring, stacking allows you to show off those unique details without sacrificing comfort or ease. It's not just for traditional bands either; many brides opt for more ornate engagement rings these days, so you might opt to stack your favorite stone (or diamonds) with a plainer wedding band. Some women choose to mix their classic solitaire setting with something more modern or unique, like a thin pave band. Either way, stacking works because it shows off each ring's style while still allowing you to keep everything close together. Not sure how else to wear multiple bands? Check out our guide below! How to Wear Multiple Rings Without Worrying About Mismatched Stones How to Wear Multiple Rings Without Worrying About Mismatched Stones From friendship bracelets to stacked wedding rings, here's how to avoid pesky mismatched jewelry.

Mismatched stacked wedding bands


All three stacking options will help you avoid mishaps when switching between multiple bands, but there's no need to limit yourself. Instead, mix and match however you want—as long as they're all within your taste—and enjoy a unique take on your signature look. No matter which style or material you prefer, we've got great options from both established designers and up-and-coming brands.


How to wear your engagement ring with a band

You want to make sure that your engagement ring and wedding band can stand alone and complement each other. If you're wearing multiple rings on your wedding day, you may need to decide which ring goes where on each finger. For example, if you're wearing three rings (two bands with one diamond), it will look better if you place a diamond band on either side of your engagement ring. If you choose to stack, we recommend sticking to bands with matching gold or platinum metals, so they appear more like one cohesive piece of jewelry. It's also a good idea to make sure that there isn't too much weight hanging off any single finger; wear heavier pieces lower to balance out your fingers for an even look.


5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Multiple Rings

A Stack of Rings on One Finger Looks Bold and Beautiful... But Are You Wearing Them for All The Right Reasons? In our 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Multiple Rings, we'll explore why stacking rings might not be your best bet for finding your perfect wedding band. Then, we'll take you through some excellent alternatives that will fit your lifestyle and style! While you're at it, get inspired by our 15 Gorgeous Multi-Stackable Ring Sets right here. We can also help you find one perfect ring (or stack) for less than $100! Learn more here


7 Tips for Buying the Right Ring Size

It's easy to think your ring finger measures a size 8—after all, you can wiggle it into an eight on many different styles. But that could be an inaccurate measurement of your actual ring size. Many women are wearing rings that are too big or too small; they don't realize that their fingers swell and shrink due to water retention and other factors during pregnancy, pre-menopause, breastfeeding, and taking certain medications. If you want your rings to look beautiful on your hand for years to come, make sure you have them sized correctly by a professional.


The Anatomy of A Diamond Engagement Ring

Let's start with basic anatomy—what does your ring look like on your finger? Do you have one diamond or several? Are there any other gemstones, and are they all embedded together, or do metal bands separate them? If you can't answer these questions yourself, it might be time to take off your ring and have a look. But, for now, if you find that puzzling over these terms intimidates you, we won't blame you for that – diamond engagement rings can seem confusing at first. However, don't worry: once you learn about these critical components of your ring, it will feel more like an eye-opening experience rather than a daunting task.

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