How To Stack Your Rings

How To Stack Your Rings

Many of us have rings that were gifted or bought to commemorate very special occasions, like a promise ring, engagement ring, wedding band and eternity rings we have accumulated. When we have a few rings that were bought separately and over many years, chances are they are all very different. Think of different color metals, different gemstones, and different styles. Contrast, and opposite styles do work and look complete together but there should be a method to the madness.

Mixing and Matching Metals and Gold

Contrary to popular opinion, mixing metals can work beautifully together. The contrast of white against a yellow or rose gold base makes both colors shine and pop beautifully. But to make the look cohesive, there should be a running theme between the rings. That can be the gemstones. Think of a white gold, white diamond engagement ring, this can work beautifully with a yellow gold, white diamond eternity band, because the white diamonds will tie the whole look together.

Mixing and Matching Gemstones

Birthstones and other gemstones contain sentiment and generally have meaning apart from the color of the stone. You can mix and match gemstones, especially if they are different colors and shapes.  Ensure that the size of the stones complement each other rather than fight for center of attention. To add even more flow and cohesion, when it comes to different types of gemstones, if the rings are the same metal, that can be the running theme tying them together and creating a look that seems carefully curated.

What Diamond Rings are Stackable

If you plan on stacking when choosing your engagement ring, there are a few options. Some jewelry designers will have a collection of stacked bridal sets that are designed to work and blend seamlessly together. Check out our carefully curated collection of stacked bridal sets. The other option is choosing a ring that will work well being accompanied by additional rings. The style the jewelers recommend is a cathedral or raised setting for an engagement ring, and that creates room on the finger and underneath the center stone for the additional rings.

Your jewelery and the pieces that mean most to you, add to your unique style. There are no rules, have fun, experiment and express your wonderful self. 

Check out the meaning behind stacked wedding rings and what is a stacked wedding ring on our blog!

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