Stacked Wedding Rings Are In Style For 2022

Stacked Wedding Rings Are In Style For 2022

In the past, stacked wedding rings weren't in style, but that's changing. Today's young adults are more likely to stack their wedding rings than previous generations of grooms and brides. This makes sense because most millennials have both partners working full-time jobs so that money can be tight. So stacking your wedding rings doesn't necessarily mean you have less money; it could mean more space in your jewelry box! But, of course, it all depends on your style and how large or small the rings are stacked together.


The origin of stackable rings

The idea of stacked wedding rings goes back to a 14th-century Italian bride who twisted her engagement ring into three loops that she wore around her marriage band. The statement didn't catch on, but later in the 18th century, women started wearing multiple rings as symbols of status and wealth. Then, in 1932, industrialist Edward Molyneux designed a reversible wedding band for his wife so she could switch between platinum and gold. Today's stackable designs aren't reversible—they're simply bands of varying widths worn together. Many couples have separate wedding bands with diamonds or other stones that they wear on their right hand while stacking their everyday bands on their left. But why choose one over another? There isn't an easy answer: Some people prefer it because it's less expensive than having two separate rings; others like it because they think it looks cool; still others like having all their important family heirlooms with them at all times (wedding band, engagement ring, children's birthstones). Whatever your reason for stacking your wedding rings, make sure you can comfortably wear them together before making a purchase. You don't want to end up with a sore finger or an ill-fitting pair of stacked wedding rings!


How they became popular

Stacking rings (or stacking rings) started to become popular around 2022. It was considered fashionable for a woman to wear three different wedding bands in 2022, rather than one large diamond ring that would cover up her other fingers. Some women preferred wearing one wedding band on their index finger, one on their middle finger, and a third ring—which typically had diamonds—on their ring finger. Also famous was wearing two rings on one hand and a single ring on another; some people referred to them as stackable rings or stacked bands. When weddings were legalized again in 2023, traditional engagement and wedding bands were common trends throughout 2024 until they became commonplace again by 2025. They have since been replaced with more intricate wedding ring designs such as those made of recycled metals. In addition, men's jewelry has grown more popular over time, with many men now choosing to wear multiple rings at once on both hands. They also use jewelry like cufflinks, necklaces, and watches when dressing formally for special occasions. As far as gemstones go, however, only diamonds are regularly worn today because of their popularity during the early 21st century when engagement rings were first sold in department stores. However, most people still stick with white gold or platinum bands when buying jewelry from local jewelers because colored gemstones are much more expensive and often not very durable due to their softness when compared with diamonds.


Why they are trending now

stacked wedding rings can take your engagement ring to a whole new level. These rings make a statement, whether something subtle or something bold and loud. They can even provide insight into who you are or want to be as a person. Some brides go for a more classic look with three bands of equal height and width, while others will stack upwards of four different bands. Your options are limitless regarding stacked wedding rings, so let your imagination run wild! Check out our favorite designs below to get inspired before creating your unique piece. We're already dreaming about stacking some new pieces ourselves! Click through to see what we mean: From minimalism at its finest to adding a pop of color, these beauties prove there's no one way to wear stacked wedding rings. You can pair them with other bands like engagement rings, use them as accent pieces on bracelets or mix them up with different types of jewelry altogether. The only limit is your imagination—and what looks good on you!


How you can wear them

This new style can be worn by any woman, regardless of her ring size. While all her other fingers have a typical wedding band, she wears two stacked rings on her ring finger. This can also be combined with other rings or just a few stacked rings to create an exciting look. Stackable wedding bands are great for any woman who wants to wear something different from everyone else. Women who want to look trendier and more daring can wear multiple stacked rings at once for an eye-catching appearance that will get you noticed everywhere you go!


Why it's best to use platinum or titanium (and avoid gold)

When it comes to wedding rings, most people will select one of two material choices: gold or platinum. While silver is also an option, it's typically viewed as too cheap to make a profound style statement. However, choosing between gold and platinum is where things get complicated for most couples. Gold might be traditional, but platinum has come a long way in recent years – making it increasingly popular as a choice for new brides. If you want to avoid needing to re-band your ring every few years (and save a significant amount of money), here are four reasons you should consider opting for platinum instead of gold.


Savransky Private Jeweler 

At Savransky Private Jeweler, we are known for our expertise in custom jewelry design. We're proud to offer wedding rings and stacked wedding rings in style for 2022 as an alternative to traditional engagement ring designs. So if you want a true one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry designed especially for you, call us at (800) 555-5487. Our customized jewelry options include elegant bracelets, bold necklaces, and exotic earrings—all made with rare gems such as sapphires, amethysts, and diamonds. In addition, we have more than 200 years of experience making custom wedding rings in style for 2022 that can be resized so they'll fit perfectly every time.

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