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Meet Our Master Jeweler, Hanan Savransky!

Hanan’s mission is to inspire his customers to embrace their uniqueness, creativity and style through jewelry. He believes that jewelry is not something that is just worn based on where you are going, but rather how it makes you feel when you wear it. Each piece is intended to be delicate and sophisticated, with its own punch of personality. 

10 Fun Facts About Our Master Jeweler, Hanan Savransky

1. Born in the Holy City of Jerusalem

Hanan Savransky was born in the holy city of Jerusalem and was privileged to grow up there his entire childhood. He is now living in North Tel Aviv, however holds Jerusalem as a special place in his heart. The architecture, mountains, music from the churches and synagogues drive his passion. 


2. 3rd Generation Diamond Cutter

Hanan Savransky is the brilliant mastermind behind the stunning Savransky jewels. Born into a family line of Master diamond cutters, Hanan's passion for diamonds was in his blood- originating during his early years in Israel, bred by his family's tradition and discussion of working with precious stones. Hanan is now a 3rd generation diamond cutter and Jewelry designer who established his own business in 1990. 

3. Sold His Jewelry On Cruise Lines Around The World

Over the last two decades Mr. Savransky showcased his collections in the United States as well as exclusively on selected luxury cruise ships i.e.; Holland America. Many costumes became very fond of Hanan’s unique creations and remained loyal to the standards and qualities until today.


4. Owns An Exclusive Flagship Boutique In The Israel Diamond Exchange

After many years of selling his Jewelry pieces on luxury cruise lines, Savransky Private Jeweler decided to open a flagship boutique shop in the Israel Diamond Exchange. The Israel Diamond Exchange Is the largest and most exclusive international trading center of its kind in the world, it is the house for thousands of buyers from all over the world who come to buy and trade. Savransky Private Jewelers customers took advantage of their close relationship with Hanan who is one of 2,000 members of the exchange, licensed to trade in diamonds not only in Israel, but worldwide. The guests could enjoy being invited to the diamond exchange, where they would pick their desired diamonds first hand and have their own dream jewelry piece designed by Mr. Savransky himself. 


5. Is a Complete Dog Lover

Hanan has a family dog named Nana, who he loves more than his children! She is his entire world, he enjoys taking her for long walks and cuddling up to her on the couch. 


6. Hanan's Hobby is Cycling
In Hanan's spare time you can find him biking in the mountains, on the beach and in the forest. He is apart of a cycling group where each weekend they spend time cycling the beautiful nature of the country. 

7. All Jewelry Pieces are designed by Mr. Savransky himself!

masterpieces are entirely original, he is an expert at showcasing the natural beauty of a fine precious stone. He handicrafts fascinating and original jewelry designs using precise laser technology. Once Hanan facets the stone into the desired shape, he chooses an 18-karat gold or platinum setting in which to place the diamond. 


8. Sources Diamonds Directly From The Mines

Mr. Savransky only sources his gems directly from the mine (no middleman) and is polished, cut and set by himself – Which, of course, reduces the cost by up to 40% allowing his clients to buy directly from the producer, at the best price they can possibly find. 



 9. Hanan's signature style is a Flowery Button Down Shirt!

Hanan collects flowery patterned button down shirts. He has a collection from all over the world. Not just for going out in the evening but also during the day you will be able to spot Hanan by his signature shirts. 


10. Hanan Loves Meeting New People!

Hanan has a special quality of meeting many people and building deep connections with them. He has clients from all over the world from Australia to China to the United States to Europe. Hanan loves to keep in touch with his clientele and views them as real friends. 




In this world of mass production, Hanan Savransky offers you a spectacular and individual experience, as no two rings or necklaces are identical. Every Savransky piece is an exquisite statement creation, as unique as the person for whom it was personally created.


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