Do you mark and celebrate your wedding Anniversary and want her to cry a river this time?

Do you mark and celebrate your wedding Anniversary and want her to cry a river this time?

I don’t normally write about personal stuff, but this time I just couldn’t help myself.

My wife Julie, and I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. It has a name, but most people just call it BFE, which fits. Anyway, I’m a welder and make okay money, but nothing like the paycheck my brother-in-law brings home. He’s the CFO of some big company and can afford to take Julie’s sister on four vacations a year to places I’d never even think of going. 

And talk about dripping in diamonds! The jewelry this guy buys Julie’s sister is unbelievable. Julie never says anything to me, but I know she’d love to have some really nice pieces that I could never afford.

Anyway, our 10th anniversary was a couple of weeks ago & I wanted to do something really special for Julie. She deserves it more than any woman in the universe. She puts up with me, doesn’t she? Traditionally, you’re supposed to give tin or aluminum for a 10th wedding anniversary. Yeah, right. So what am I gonna do, buy her a roll of Reynold’s Wrap aluminum foil? Okay, so one day I was fooling around on Facebook and saw an ad for Savransky Private Jewelers. I clicked on it just to see what they had & where they were located on the off chances (way off!) they might be somewhere nearby and have something nice I could afford.

Tel Aviv is obviously nowhere around here, BUT! I was able to shop there anyway thanks to this virtual meeting thing they do. I set it up for a Wednesday night when Julie would be out playing Bunko with her girlfriends. It was a great way to spend an evening, like being on the other side of the world with people I’d otherwise never would’ve met, and without leaving the house! It was like having these guys right in my living room! And talk about some nice folks. After a few minutes it was like I’d known them my whole life.

And what an awesome selection they have. They had stuff I’d never seen anywhere on anybody. Gorgeous jewelry. I couldn’t get over it! They even have black diamonds. Who even knew there was such a thing?
Long story short, I found the perfect ring for Julie at a price I could afford. See, Savransky has this amazing finance plan where you can make monthly payments without ending up homeless, hungry, or both!
Most importantly, Julie loves it. I mean, LOVES it. She was so happy she was crying.

Wait ‘til Julie’s sister sees it. Hah! It’s gonna be great!
Thanks, Mr. Savransky!
Your Friend,
Joe T. from BFE

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