A Beginner's Guide to Choosing a Jeweler

A Beginner's Guide to Choosing a Jeweler

How to identify a trustworthy jeweler to help you celebrate life's precious moments. When you buy a dazzling piece of fine jewelry, you’re making an important purchase. While you can find fine jewelry in many types of stores, to ensure you love the jewelry you purchase for years to come, follow a simple rule: buy from a professional jeweler, someone you can trust. 


Tips on Choosing the right Jeweler:


1. Make sure your trusted jeweler is a member of a professional organization


Start by finding a jeweler that is a member of a well known professional organization.  Jewelers from certain clubs, exchanges, organizations provide jewelers with ongoing education and their members commit annually to professional practice which reflects their high social, ethical and environmental standards. You can be assured that a club member Jeweler is among the most knowledgeable and trustworthy jeweler in the industry.


2. A well established reputation


When choosing a jeweler, you are beginning a relationship. Many times a jeweler plays a significant role in the most important and special moments of your life. Ask a friend for a recommended Jeweler just as you would for a doctor. Find out how long the jeweler has been in business. It is important for the Jeweler you choose to establish a friendship with their clients. Do your research and go to websites such as, Trustpilot, check the companies website for their customers reviews to get a feel of the customer experience and satisfaction levels. 

3. Provides Certificates


A trusted Jeweler is one who can ensure each jewelry piece has its certificate of Authenticity! The authenticity certificate of a diamond is an official document issued by an independent laboratory that guarantees the quality of the diamond. It guarantees the characteristics of the diamond that is presented to you, which characteristics justify the price of the diamond. 

4. Beyond Selling


Talk to your jeweler to get a feel for their customer service, and to understand how much personalized attention they devote to each customer. Whether they are a big chain jeweler or a small business, the care taken with your jewelry should go above and beyond. Giving clear and informative answers to your questions and not trying to upsell are the start of a good jeweler and customer relationship. Can you return for routine cleanings? Do they perform repairs in house or ship them out? What if you need an updated appraisal certificate? Resizing? Great jewelers strive to provide lifelong customer service to their clients.

5. The pricing


Be cautious if a jewelry store is routinely offering unbelievable discounts, like 50% or more. Savvy shoppers may find that the discount price is actually the average retail price elsewhere. Trustworthy jewelers practice fair pricing all year round since they are usually manufacturers as well and receive their gemstones and diamonds directly from the source. 

6. Experience


The amount of time a jeweler has been in business is a sure sign of trust. If the jeweler has been around for decades – bonus for the same location – then it means that the community around them supports the business and trusts them enough to sustain it. This probably means that you can too.

7. Finally, trust your gut


When everything comes down to the decision, choosing a jeweler is a personal choice. This will hopefully be a lifelong relationship, so you’ll want to feel comfortable working with them. If they hesitate to answer any of your questions or to provide any of the documentation you request, that’s a sign to steer clear.

There are so many great jewelers out there. If you’re visiting one and a red flag pops up, don’t be afraid to cross them off the list. There are many more sparkly fish in the jeweler sea. We promise.

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