Where does the Blue Topaz come from?

Where does the Blue Topaz come from?

The name "topaz" derives from the Old French, Topace and Latin, Topazus; from Topazios, the erstwhile Greek name of Zabargad, which is an island located in the southern portion of the Egyptian Red Sea. (While Zabargad never was a producer of topaz, it was at one time a source of peridot, which was oftentimes mistaken for topaz prior to the advent of present-day mineralogy.) It has a rating of 8 on the Mohs Hardness scale. In addition to being the birthstone of November, it is also the state gemstone of Texas.

A Brief History

During the European Renaissance, topaz was thought to have the ability to break evil spells and assuage anger. The Hindus considered topaz to be a holy gem, and that carrying one could generate wisdom and add years to its wearer’s life. African healers also regarded the topaz as sacred and employed it in their rituals. 
During the 19th century, the Ural Mountains in Russia became a veritable wellspring of topaz. The gemstones that were mined in the Urals were known as Imperial topaz as a tribute to the Russian tzar. At the time, only royalty was permitted to own topaz.
Today, topaz is predominantly found in Brazil. In fact, some topaz crystals that have been mined there, tip the scales at some 300lbs and reach the size of a boulder.

The Birthstone

When we are born, each of the elements of the universe are aligned in particular configurations. Since everything is connected, (as it is above so it is below) the stars and planets are situated in ways that will have both positive and negative influences on our lives.
Integral in these constellations and formations is a distinctive set of stimuli and characteristics. As humans we have free will, therefore, we can choose to go with the flow and roll with the punches throughout our lifetimes, or we can learn to understand the stimuli and how it operates, and then try to appropriately adjust our reactions to them.

In short, we have a choice: either accept it, or change it.
Our birthstones have been with us since Day One. They understand us, know what makes us tick, and are aware of our individual aspirations. As such, our birthstones can be like a lucky charm or talisman for us, should we decide to carry our birthstone in our purse or pocket, or wear it as a piece of jewelry. They also have the ability to clear negative karma we may have accumulated from past transmigrations, thus allowing us an easier, more pleasant experience in life this time around.

What a Topaz Birthstone Means for You
Among its many attributes, the topaz fosters:

 Happiness
 Friendliness
 Physical Relationships
 Sexuality
 Physical Strength and Mental Health
 Intelligence
 Serenity
Blue topaz birthstone

Topaz gemstones are believed to possess the ability to support and strengthen the mind, heart, and entire body. It is also known as a Traveler’s Gemstone much like St. Peter is the patron saint of travelers. The topaz also supports a strong mind and has a positive influence on mental health. In fact, many believed that topaz could actually cure insanity.
The topaz is also associated with knowledge, insight, and valor. It can alleviate physical pain, bring peace, and keep us on an even keel emotionally.
It is also a huge proponent of forgiveness, tolerance, and acceptance.
In another direction, the November birthstone is said to diminish symptoms of acid reflux while aiding digestion. It may also reduce the likelihood of anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. It is also good for speeding-up the metabolism and keeping one’s weight down.

In addition to the November birthstone’s numerous positive qualities, topaz can also be crafted into stunning pieces of jewelry. Traditionally blue topaz is gifted on the 4th wedding anniversary, while yellow topaz is gifted on the 23rd.

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