Are Black Diamonds Valuable?

Are Black Diamonds Valuable?

Black diamonds are some of the most valuable and rarest diamonds globally. But, just because they're black doesn't mean that their values are based on the color alone — many factors affect the value of any diamond, including the 4 Cs of diamond grading (clarity, cut, color, and carat weight). So, although colored diamonds are rarer than white ones, other types of diamonds have more value overall because they have a better combination of the 4 Cs. In addition, black diamonds get their color from an element called carbon impurities, which gives them an extremely dark color.


What Is A Black Diamond?

When buying black diamonds, you want to make sure that what you're getting is authentic. Synthetic or lab-created diamonds are becoming more and more popular every year, making it increasingly important for consumers to know how to identify them. Synthetic black diamonds may contain impurities like nickel, iron, or graphite; genuine black diamonds are entirely carbon-based and lack these impurities. Although synthetic black diamonds tend to be cheaper than their naturally occurring counterparts (since production costs are lower), they will not hold up well under any wear and tear—and they might cause severe skin damage! Therefore, it's best to stick with natural gems when shopping for an engagement ring—especially if your future fiancé's skin is prone to irritation. As always, feel free to bring a sample of a diamond with you when shopping to compare its physical characteristics to those of similar gemstones. If something seems off about a particular diamond, the chances are good that it isn't as advertised.


Black Diamond vs. Colorless Diamond Prices

Although black diamonds are among some of the rarest in existence, they're not necessarily more valuable than colorless diamonds, at least when pricing. The price difference between fancy color diamonds and white diamonds varies by color, but for example, a 1-carat round brilliant-cut can range from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on quality and color. You'll pay around $4,500 for a one-carat D-color (colorless) diamond. A one-carat GIA certified E-color (light brown) diamond would cost about $6,600; an F-color (very light yellow) will run about $7,700, and an H-color (light yellowish brown) will cost about $8,800. Meanwhile, a one carat fancy-colored stone like blue or green can be ten times more expensive than its colorless counterpart—you could pay up to $20,000 for that same carat size.


Black Diamond Quality And Pricing

How are black diamonds priced relative to other types of diamonds and gemstones? Because black diamonds are so rare, most colorless and fancy-colored diamonds tend to be much more expensive than even colored gemstones like sapphires. When you compare black diamond prices with those of other precious gems, you'll see that these stones fall between your average gemstone and your top-of-the-line diamonds. If you want a nice quality stone, expect to pay around $10 per carat for a 1-carat stone; for larger sizes (4 or 5 carats), expect to pay about $100 per carat. If you're looking for a huge stone (15+ carats), you can pay upwards of $1,000 per carat.

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