The aquamarine gemstone embodies youthful vitality, purity, loyalty, hope, and truth

The aquamarine gemstone embodies youthful vitality, purity, loyalty, hope, and truth

This March birthstone belongs to the beryl family of minerals and is a lovely shade of turquoise. The pigmentation of the aquamarine is the effect of iron residue that has found its way into the crystal. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, the aquamarine comes in between 7.5 to 8, which indicates a good deal of hardness. 

A Brief History

The word Aquamarine derives from the Latin words for seawater. In ancient cultures, people wore or carried an aquamarine gemstone believing it would bring splendor, integrity, joy, wisdom, and perpetual youth. Today, most of the aquamarine is mined in Brazil, but it is also found in Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

The lion’s share of folklore associated with the aquamarine comes from sailors and other members of the nautical populace. For instance, many believed that aquamarine was first discovered in a mermaid’s treasure chest. Early sailors often wore the stone to ensure safe travels and alleviate the symptoms of seasickness.  

During the Middle Ages, the aquamarine was thought to have the ability to effectively treat and cure anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. It was also considered to be the antidote for certain poisons. For centuries, shamans, healers, and medicine men throughout the world used aquamarine to treat varicose veins, arthritis, vision problems, and throat diseases. They believed that placing the stone on the problematic area of the body would absorb the cause of the pain and symptoms of the disease.  

The Birthstone

When we are born, each of the elements of the universe are aligned in particular configurations. Since everything is connected (as it is above so it is below), the stars and planets are situated in ways that will positively and negatively influence our lives.  

Integral in these constellations and formations is a distinctive set of stimuli and characteristics. As humans we have free will, therefore, we can choose to go with the flow and roll with the punches throughout our lifetimes, or we can learn to understand the stimuli and how it operates, and then try to appropriately adjust our reactions to them. 

In short, we have a choice: either accept it, or change it.

Our birthstones have been with us since Day One. They understand us, know what makes us tick, and are aware of our individual aspirations. As such, our birthstones can be like a lucky charm or talisman for us, should we decide to carry our birthstone in our purse or pocket or wear it as a piece of jewelry. They also have the ability to clear negative karma we may have accumulated from past transmigrations, thus allowing us a more effortless, more pleasant experience in life this time around.  

What an Aquamarine Birthstone Means for You

The aquamarine is deemed a “multi-use” healing stone, as it takes care of spiritual and psychological disorders and physical maladies and infections. Tarot card readers employ aquamarine and the Hanged Man card, which helps people recognize the importance of spending time alone and practicing meditation. This facilitates inner peace and calms the nerves. Aquamarine is an excellent stone to use during meditation as it settles the mind and prepares it for communication with the Other Side. Conducive to calming ‘monkey mind,’ the aquamarine brings about an elevated state of consciousness and spiritual awareness, thus initiating an open mind and new-found compassion with which to serve others. Further, suppose the soul and physical body are out of kilter. In that case, aquamarine gradually readjusts the two, which in turn sharpens the intuition for ease of communication on this planet and the Higher Power. 

In addition to the March birthstone’s plethora of positive attributes, aquamarine can also be fashioned into gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Traditionally, aquamarine is given on the 19th wedding anniversary.

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