red spinel diamond ring

Red Spinel - The star of gemstones

Spinel is a reasonably hard mineral composed of magnesium aluminum oxide. The Spinel is usually found in green, blue, brown, violet, orange, and black, but Red Spinel is the most desirable of them all. It's is a durable gem, with a hardness of 8.0 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. The famous rock has glittering optics and is more reflective than ruby. The Red Spinel true brilliance comes out when cut and polished, rivaling the beauty of other gemstones in the same color range.

The unique gemstone has been a longtime favorite of serious gem collectors due to its incredible brilliance, outstanding durability, and a wide array of colors. They are typically mined in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, and Madagascar.


Why is the Red Spinel that sought-after lately?


Until recently, it was an underappreciated gem with little consumer recognition. The gemstone has been confused with Ruby and Sapphire for many years. Several of the most spectacular Spinels discovered were set as "crown jewels" and other "jewelry pieces of significance" under the assumption that they were sapphires or rubies. So surprisingly enough, the Black Prince's Ruby in the center of the imperial state crown of England is in fact, a Red Spinel which resulted in its infamous name "The Great Imposter".




Red Spinel Properties:


Like most fiery red stones, the Red Spinel encourages extraordinary passion, devotion, and longevity, promoting physical vitality, refill of energy, and ease of exhaustion. Spinel is a very soothing stone, as it calms and relieves stress, anxiety, and depression.

Red-colored Spinel is associated with heart and root chakra. That gives the wearer a sense of stability and safety and keeps him grounded. The red-colored gemstone is considered fantastic for clearing and unblocking evil chakra. The cleansing of the heart chakra is equally important to allow the person to open up to the outer world. An unblocked heart chakra is perfect for those who are very sensitive at heart. A red-colored Spinel will help them in overcoming all negativities. Spinel was recently added as an August birthstone, sharing this month with peridot and sardonyx.

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