The Whole New Testament On a Cross Necklace

The Whole New Testament On a Cross Necklace

Covid has changed a lot of our daily lives and made us change habits. One of the things I recall was customers asking me to create something that would connect them to something bigger. The thought that the whole world was paralyzed made them realize that there was something beyond. At that moment I realized that people are looking to connect to something deeper. life is too short and everyone is looking for meaning.

One evening at home after work I sat down and tried to figure this out. What would make people connect? It is hard to connect to something you can't see or feel and thus the thought occurred to me to produce something more perceptible. How can I take the most sacred symbol in Christianity and attach something sentimental to it and make a jewel out of it? This is where my journey began and I knew I was on the right path. But the task isn't complete, I still couldn't find meaning. I put my ideas aside and thought to myself that maybe it was too pretentious and I would have to disappoint the customers.

A few weeks later I attended a family event in Jerusalem. We then walked around the old city and there something fascinating happened. I met an old friend who is telling me about a new project he is working on. A microscopic-sized chip that combines the entire new bible by Nano-technology. At that moment everything was clear to me. The deep connection between the symbol and the scriptures is what will make people feel connected. My vision was complete. I started manufacturing the prototype of my design and went on to mass production. Needless to say, the product has been enthusiastically received by customers around the world. In return, they thrilled me with their warm messages and photos of themselves wearing the Jerusalem Nano Cross.


Jerusalem nano cross


The Jerusalem cross pendant features the genuine ancient stone called “Jerusalem Stone,” which is mined in the eternal holy city. The stone is hand-carved into a cross shape

The back of the Cross features the 929 chapters of the New Testament. Using Israeli patented cutting-edge Nanotechnology, the “Textus Receptus,” Latin for “received text,” is genuinely written in ancient Greek

 The text can be examined and read through a specialized high power and high-resolution electron microscope found in Nanotechnology labs.


 Nano New testament Technology

The Nano New testament is a silicon chip the size of a pinhead on which the 929 chapters of the New Testament are featured,  the “Textus Receptus,” Latin for “received text,” is genuinely written in ancient Greek. The text, consisting of over 1.2 million letters, is carved on the 0.5 mm chip by means of a focused ion beam. The beam dislodges gold atoms from the plating and creates letters, similar to the way the earliest inscriptions were carved in stone. The writing process takes about 90 minutes. The letters belong to a font unique to this technology and appear darker against their gold background. In order to read the text, it is necessary to use a microscope capable of 10,000 times magnification or higher.

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