Fabulous 50th Anniversary Gifts to Spoil Your Spouse

Fabulous 50th Anniversary Gifts to Spoil Your Spouse

Couples who have reached the milestone of their 50th anniversary are among the most romantic couples in the world, and they deserve to be spoiled with unique gifts and celebrations to commemorate this special occasion. These milestone anniversaries were relatively uncommon just 20 years ago, but that's not the case today. If you're wondering what the 50th-anniversary gift should be, here are some fabulous ideas to get you started.


The year of the ruby

The 50th anniversary is the year of the ruby. Rubies are precious gemstones recognized by their red or pink hue. The best type of ruby is the pigeon-blood ruby, a distinct dark red. Set your ruby in a ring, earrings, or necklace, as there are unlimited options. Jewelry is not just for women. Think of a signet ring with a flush set ruby for the man of your dreams and a matching ruby ring to coordinate with your partner. Check out our Ruby Collection to garner inspiration in preparation for passing this huge milestone. 


An excellent midcentury modern desk

A midcentury modern desk is an excellent gift for your spouse's 50th anniversary. This type of desk is sleek and stylish and will look great in any home office. Plus, it's functional and practical, which your spouse will appreciate. So, if you're looking for a unique gift that your spouse will love, consider spicing up your partner's workspace with a practical gift that will be enjoyed for many years!


A sapphire ring by Savransky Private Jeweler 

The 50th anniversary is big, so why not give your spouse a gift celebrating your love? A sapphire ring is a perfect way to do just that. Sapphires are known for their durability, which fits a couple that has been together for 50 years. Plus, the blue color of the stone is associated with trust, faithfulness, and loyalty - all essential qualities in a marriage. And what could be more romantic than giving your spouse a ring that symbolizes your everlasting love? If you're looking for a truly unique gift, look no further than Savransky Private Jeweler. We specialize in custom-made jewelry, so you can be sure that your spouse will love their one-of-a-kind ring.


Brunch in Bed

What's better than breakfast in bed? How about brunch in bed? This luxurious gift is perfect for the couple who loves to indulge. Sometimes simple is best, and after being together for half a century, you are guaranteed to know which foods and flavors your partner will love waking up to. The thought and effort in creating breakfast for your loved one show dedication, appreciation, and love.


Plant a tree in the Holy Land

A unique and memorable gift for a 50th anniversary is to plant a tree in the Holy Land. Giving life to something that will not only last for years to come but will be essential to Israel's ecosystem. Planting a tree commemorating an anniversary, especially as big as the significant 50th, symbolizes the roots you feel toward your partner. There can be no more big statement to make on your anniversary. This will be a lasting reminder of your love and faithfulness over the years. You can choose from various trees, including olive trees, which are traditional in the Holy Land. We can help you find the perfect tree and create a custom plaque with your anniversary message. Just reach out to us to see how we can make a beautiful anniversary gift.

Plant a tree in the Holy Land


A customized throw blanket for snuggling up on the couch

A personalized throw blanket is a cozy and unique gift for your spouse on your 50th anniversary. Add your names, wedding dates, or a special message to make it extra special. This gift will keep you warm and remind you of your happy memories together for years to come.


An expansive whiskey collection

A whiskey collection is an excellent gift for a spouse who loves to drink. It's also a thoughtful way to show that you know and appreciate their taste. Plus, it's a gift that can be enjoyed for years. Think of distillery tours, whiskey-making kits, and engraved crystal tumblers to guarantee this gift will be loved and used well.


An expansive whiskey collection



An exclusive wine and diamond tour hosted by IsraelTours4U

IsraelTours4U offers an exclusive wine and diamond tour for the couple that loves luxury. This five-star experience includes a private helicopter ride across Israel to view all the sights from a view that can't be beaten. As well as the helicopter tour, the luxury trip includes a chauffeured car and a stay at a five-star hotel. You'll also get a behind-the-scenes look at a diamond factory and enjoy a private wine tasting. This is the perfect way to celebrate your 50th anniversary in style!

An exclusive wine and diamond tour hosted by IsraelTours4U


A board game night in with old favorites and new games

What could be more fun than a board game night to celebrate your 50th anniversary? A timeless way of having a night of fun and creating new memories is none other than a game night. So gather family and friends with finger food, get stuck into classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, or even venture to try new favorites like Settlers of Catan, Code Names, and Ticket to Ride. There's something for everyone. Game-night is always a hit, and prepare the camera to capture laughs, fun, and a great time.


Curate your memories

It's time for some arts and crafts. A lifetime together means a lifetime of memories. So use what you have to curate a leather-bound photographic timeline of your journey together. Photographs gather dust but make them accessible and easy to read, and you are guaranteed to have the album be the most looked at item in your home. In addition, gifting an album will bring the romance element of this huge milestone to new heights as you both reminisce about the life you have led and all you have created together. 



Do you know that place you once visited and always burnt a candle for? Now is your time to go there and celebrate your 50 years together with your beloved. Or create a trip to where you first met or got married. Visit those long-lost places that hold a special place in your heart. Find that spot of nostalgia and soak up all the feelings and memories that place brings you. 


Some more ideas 

Is your spouse a big fan of movies? If so, consider gifting them a home theater system. A set of high-end headphones or a new record player would be ideal for the music lover. A designer handbag or watch would be a fabulous gift for the fashionista. And for the foodie, a gourmet cooking class or a night out at a Michelin-starred restaurant would be sure to please.


To summarize, 50 years together is a massive milestone that few people reach. So getting it is HUGE! Celebrate! Dance! Be joyous! Be proud! And most importantly, HAVE FUN AND ENJOY! Congratulations to you, lovebirds! 

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