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Established in 1937, the Israel Diamond Industry is one of the diamond world's leading centers, an exciting hub for both trade and manufacturing of polished diamonds. The IDE is one of the largest and most advanced; operating by a unique "under one roof" concept, it consists of four high-rise buildings connected internally by pedestrian bridges. The virtually impenetrable fortress is protected by top high-tech security systems.

In addition to the largest diamond trading floor in the world, the IDE has over 1,200 private offices, covering an expanse of approximately 90,000 sq. meters. About 15,000 people pass through the complex daily and approximately 330,000 visitors and foreign buyers visit the complex annually.

Members and visitors have access to a complete range of services within the complex. From essential business needs such as shipping, commercial banking, insurance, customs, gemological labs and the government's diamond control, to conveniences such as restaurants, shops, lounges, a synagogue and more- maximum security and convenience are well combined.

Israel: Outstanding Diamond Export

Israel is one of the world's largest exporters of polished diamonds and a major center for the trading rough diamonds as well. About one third of global rough diamond production is imported to the IDE, where Israel's cutting-edge technological advances supply a vast amount of diamonds for jewelry sold worldwide.

Israel's experienced diamond polishers' possess a rich tradition of knowledge, craftsmanship and invaluable experience polishing larger and more expensive stones. Over the past decade, Israeli diamond experts have advanced their talent and ingenuity to introduce many new cuts into the market.

Diamond manufacturing facilities in Israel currently specialize in polished large and medium sized diamonds of all shapes and cuts.

Israel: A Diamond Buyer's Paradise

The ability to guarantee a steady supply of any type of goods makes Israel a widely attractive supplier in the jewelry trade. When visiting the Israel Diamond Exchange any type of diamond can be found for purchase. Discover white and colored diamonds of every color, clarity, cut and size, and enjoy exclusive special cuts innovated by Israeli technology and skill.

Savransky Jewelry's stones are directly sourced from the IDE, guaranteeing our buyers the highest quality at competitive cost. Our access to such a vast variety of the finest stones at the highest brilliance results in every Savransky creation being unmatched and extraordinary



About Savransky Private Jeweler

Savransky Private Jeweler proudly features only the finest quality of diamonds available in the world, set within exquisite craftsmanship of the highest standard.

Our diamonds are GIA certified, of superlative pedigree, individually selected, flawlessly cut, and carefully set by hand.Savransky Private Jewelers masterpieces are entirely original, lovingly fashioned by the skillful hands of our Master Jewelers. In this world of mass production, Savransky offers you a spectacular and individual experience, as no two rings or necklaces are identical. Every Savransky piece is an exquisite statement creation, as unique as the person for whom it was personally created.

Hanan is the brilliant mastermind behind the stunning Savransky jewels. Born into a family line of Master diamond cutters, Hanan's passion for diamonds was in his blood- originating during his early years in Israel, bred by his family's tradition and discussion of working with precious stones.

Hanan earned the title of 'Master Cutter' after years of intensive training under highly-skilled Master Diamond Cutters. A prominent Japanese diamond company then relocated Hanan to the Orient, where he attained great skill for shaping rare fancy colored diamonds, strengthening his expertise and appreciation of radiant gems and developing his signature style. Inspired by breathtaking tropical paradises, romantic beaches, crystal streams and galaxies of radiant stars, Hanan achieved designs of utmost creativity and craftsmanship.

Hanan's relentless pursuit of perfection combines with beautiful design work and results in meticulously
crafted collections of jewelry, showcasing the most brilliant diamonds and gems in the world.

Savransky Celebrates Life's Special Moments


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