What's the Deal With Megan Fox's Engagement Ring?

What's the Deal With Megan Fox's Engagement Ring?

When Megan Fox's engagement ring came out, many people were surprised by the size of the diamond in her engagement ring (because of hollywoods motto of 'bigger diamonds are better'). However, Fox's ring didn't just have one big stone; it had two! So, how much was Megan Fox's engagement ring? What's the deal with Megan Fox's engagement ring? Does Megan Fox's ring actually hurt to take off? This article explains Megan Fox's engagement ring, including why she got it and what it looks like.


The shape

Megan Fox's engagement ring contains a double center stone, comprised of a pear cut diamond and a matching pear cut emerald, which is set in an asymetrical heart design. The center stones flow into a pave split shank band and is crafted in platinum. The ring was designed by a private jeweler and the two stones are representative of how personalized the ring is, as the two stones correspond to Meghan and her partner, MGK's, birth stones.  We love incorporating unique gemstones into engagement rings to make it personal and to hold that much more sentiment. The ring is said to have taken six months to create. It has been speculated that because this ring is so unique, it might not be comfortable for long periods. 


The color

Fox's engagement ring is a custom-made piece and features a colourless diamond accompanied by a green emerald set in a platinum band. The ring is extremely unique but yet maintains a timeless elegance, and it looks like it cost a pretty penny! But how much did it cost?


The carat

We estimate each stone in Megan Fox's engagement ring to be 2.5 Carat totalling the ring to be just above 5 Carat all together. The cost of the ring is unknown, but it is estimated to be around $340,000. The ring is rumored to be painful to take off, but after examining the design, we think that the rumor was born from the pointed tips of the pave band that rest above the emerald and beneath the diamond, which resemble 'thorns', and we think that if there was actual thorns embedded into the ring, Meghan's finger would swell and be noticably red and irritated and we conclude that it is just a publicity stunt. 


And finally... how much?!

You're not alone if you're wondering how much Megan Fox's engagement ring costs. The actor recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Brian Austin Green or better known as singer Machine Gun Kelly, and people can't stop talking about her ring. According to Savrasnky Private Jeweler, the ring is worth an estimated $350,000. That's a lot of money for a piece of jewelry! And it's no wonder people are curious about the cost of the ring, considering how unique it is.


Birthstone engagement rings?

We love Megan Fox's ring, as we love incorporating birthstones in engagement rings. Check out our Gemstone Engagment Ring Collection, and filter to find your birthstone to garner some inspiration. Megan Fox is not the first woman in the public eye to wear a gemstone engagement ring, as Princess Diana really popularised moving away from the classic diamond and wore her jaw dropping blue sapphire engagement ring, which became the most recognizable engagement ring of all time. Check out our Sapphire Engagement Ring Collection here!

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