The 5 Perfect Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings for Your Beloved

The 5 Perfect Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings for Your Beloved

The engagement ring you choose says a lot about your relationship with your beloved, and it's essential to get this choice right! One of the most beautiful shapes for an engagement ring today is the pear-shaped diamond, as opposed to many other options that are more square or round. This unique shape contrasts nicely with almost any wedding band style and adds elegance to even the simplest of settings or rings. Here are some reasons you should consider pear-shaped diamonds if you're looking for an engagement ring today!


Pear Shape Rings Collection '22 by Savransky Private Jeweler 

If you are looking for a modern and elegant engagement ring, look no further than the pear-shaped engagement rings by Savransky Private Jeweler. These rings are perfect for any bride-to-be who wants something unique and special. The collection features various styles, so you are sure to find the ideal ring for your beloved. With so many options, you will find the perfect ring that symbolizes your love for years to come.

Some 2022 engagement ring trends have been going towards more delicate designs with pave diamonds or other stones on top of the ring. In contrast, some have been moving towards heavier and bolder pieces. However, there is an option for everyone!

1) Pear Shape Chameleon Diamond Ring

 A brilliant beginning to your romantic love story. This ring captivates with a pear shape cut chameleon diamond center stone inside a double oval two-tone pave halo, both decorated with dazzling smaller diamonds. The unique style of this ring makes it a favorite of ours. What is the most crucial thing in this ring? The yellow gold, platinum, or white gold mounting? Or the precious diamond accents on either side of the setting? It's all up to you!

Pear Cut Chameleon Diamond Ring Two Tone Double Halo with a Split Shank



2) Pear Shape Green Quartz Gemstone Cocktail Ring

This 18K white gold, green quartz features exquisite green pear quartz, placed on a hidden pave halo, with a pave split shank adding that finishing touch. Also available in platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold to fit your style preference. A matching band is available as well! The quartz stone has long been revered for its therapeutic properties. 

Pear Cut Quartz Ring



3) Pear Shape Cut Chameleon Ring - 2.5 Carat

This remarkable ring showcases a pear-shaped chameleon center stone wrapped in a rose gold sparkling white diamond-lined halo frame. Additional diamonds and detailing adorn the ring's elegant diamond pave split shank.

The Chameleon Ring can customized, from the type of metal to the carat weight of your center stone or its diamond quality and quantity. In addition, it has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, so you know it will last! To find out more about this piece, click here.

Pear Cut Chameleon Diamond Engagement Ring



4) Pear Shape Natural Cut Alexandrite Three Stone Ring 

Sophisticated and romantic, this pear-shaped alexandrite diamond three-stone ring is exquisite. This ring features an alexandrite pear-shaped diamond, with two diamonds flanking it on either side. It's available in different sizes, including 4 carats, 5 carats, and 6 carats, with the colorless alexandrite measuring 8x5mm at the widest point of the cushion cut. The small round diamonds measure .30 carats each and are set in white gold with 18K rose gold or yellow gold accents depending on your preferences.

Alexandrite birthstone rings make excellent engagement rings because they symbolize love and commitment. 

Pear Shape Natural Cut Alexandrite Three Stone Ring



5) Pear Shape Cut Yellowish Green Alexandrite Chrysoberyl Ring

This ring captivates with a pear shape cut yellowish-green alexandrite chrysoberyl, center stone inside a double pear-shaped pave halo, both decorated with dazzling smaller diamonds while additional diamonds and detailing adorn the ring's graceful split shank. The artistry of this engagement ring is best seen in person. However, we offer custom-made arrangements to fit any size or budget. Contact us today to learn more about our exquisite pear-shaped engagement ring selection from Savransky private Jeweler!

An Alexandrite Chrysoberyl is a green variety of chrysoberyl which changes colors in sunlight due to slight shifts in mineral composition. Chrysoberyl that displays an appreciable degree of color change is known as alexandrite. 

Pear Shape Cut Yellowish Green Alexandrite Chrysoberyl Ring


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