The Jewelry Brand That All Exclusive Cruise Lines Don’t Want You To Know Of

The Jewelry Brand That All Exclusive Cruise Lines Don’t Want You To Know Of

It’s the end of 2019. You’re in the middle of planning all your trips for the following year. You and your loved ones are excitedly buying tickets and telling all of your other friends about the fun events you have planned.


You’re going to go on a cruise. It’s going to be a beautiful time on the water, with food, drinks, and on-ship kiosks that will be selling everything and anything to help with your vacation dreams.


You’re already dreaming of the jewelry that you’ll buy once you’ve settled in and set sail.


But then, three months later, COVID hits. All your planning goes down the drain, and it takes all your ideas of beautiful jewelry with it.


As with all things, COVID-19 changed the way that things are done in a number of different arenas: cruise lines weren’t exempt from this. COVID changed which cruise lines passengers will use for vacation.


COVID also forced passengers to learn how to get the products they want without having to go through the usual channels. In this, they managed to discover how to reach jewelers. No longer is the cruise line needed.

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The New Dream

COVID took the opportunities, but not the dreams. People still dream of sailing on a luxury cruise ship to exotic destinations, surrounded by the sea. They hope to lounge in front of an oversized pool while the uniformed crew pampers them with exotic liqueurs from around the world. Luxury meals at night, ballroom dancing, and gambling at the casino.

They want the full-service package. The one that makes the gambling halls in Vegas look like slums.

That’s where the jewelry brand Savransky Private Jeweler comes in. Owned by Hanan Savransky, we sold the most prestigious jewelry onboard these fancy cruise lines.

In doing so, we discovered one of the biggest secrets in the luxury cruise industry.

Strap in, as we’re about to let you in on the secret as well.


The Secret

When it comes to cruise lines, their biggest profit is not the cost of the trip—which, in case you were unaware, can sometimes reach upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In actuality, the main profit of these tourism companies comes from those merchants—such as me—who join pleasure cruises and sell their wares to captive customers onboard.

As you may know, these sorts of luxury cruises can last for several weeks. Customers spend most of the day around the pool enjoying family and alcoholic beverages, followed by various social events, fancy drinks, and gambling in the evening.

On these sorts of trips, everything is curated to make sure that guests constantly feel relaxed or have a different, more comfortable, mindset and overall vibe.

The reason for this is that people who feel content will want to hold on to that freeing feeling. They will try to do so by spending money.

The Scheme

For years, the people in charge of cruise lines would plan for the season by getting in touch with potential vendors.

As a vendor, merchants like me would immediately start preparing new collections.

Building the collection for a cruise line is a complex process because the types of people who sail on cruises are “la crème de la crème” of American society. This audience despises “mass-produced” brands, and they would never wear jewelry that may be worn by someone else.


For many of them, if given the choice between getting hit by a train or telling you the name of the jeweler who sold them their ten-carat diamond rock . . . they’d rather be hit by the train. In their minds, at least, they would then be the only person who wore that jewelry.

Cruise line operators know this about their customers, and they delight in it. They can use this desire for uniqueness to ramp up their prices and make more money.

But this is all a scheme for the cruise lines to get more money. The cruise lines may be profiting . . . but the vendors?

Not so much.

About Savransky Private Jeweler

Since the safety of many cruise lines is still being determined, having access to these sorts of top-of-the-line jewelers can be troublesome.

That’s where we come in.

If you want your one-of-a-kind jewelry without the markups of the cruise line, look no further.

Savransky Private Jeweler proudly features only the finest quality diamonds available worldwide, exquisitely set within the highest standards of artistry and craftsmanship.

At Savransky Private Jeweler, all of our diamonds are GIA-certified and are of exceptional quality. Each diamond is exclusively selected, flawlessly cut, and meticulously set by hand.

Savransky Private Jeweler’s masterpieces are truly original and lovingly crafted by the skilled hands of our Master Jewelers. In this world of mass production, Savransky offers you a breathtaking and distinctive experience, as no two rings or necklaces are identical.

Every Savransky piece is an exquisite statement of creativity and originality—as unique as the person for whom it was personally created.


Why Trust Savransky Jewelry?

Hanan Savransky is the owner of Savransky Private Jeweler, and he is the mastermind behind our stunning Savransky jewels.

Born into a family line of master diamond cutters, Hanan's passion for diamonds was in his blood—originating during his early years in Israel and nurtured by his family's tradition and love of working with precious stones.


Hanan earned the title of “Master Cutter” after years of intensive training under highly-skilled Master Diamond Cutters. Hanan then relocated to a prominent Asian diamond company in Japan, where he demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for shaping rare, fancy-colored diamonds.

In this way, Hanan solidified his professional knowledge and appreciation of radiant gems while developing his signature style. Inspired by dazzling, exotic paradises, pristine beaches, crystalline streams, and galaxies of radiant stars, Hanan achieved designs of utmost creativity and craftsmanship.

His skill with jewelry will remove the need for going on those expensive cruise lines. With Hanan at the helm, looking at your one-of-a-kind jewelry will transport you as if you have gone on vacation.

What sets Savransky Jewelers apart is Hanan’s relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with his inspired signature designs. The result is unique and punctilious crafted collections of jewelry found nowhere else in the world.

It is in showcasing the most brilliant diamonds and gems the earth has to offer that we can unequivocally and proudly proclaim our mission statement:

“Savransky Celebrates Life's Special Moments!”

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