A personal virtual meeting with my private jeweler

A personal virtual meeting with my private jeweler

As COVID-19 continues to dominate our lives it is worth reflecting on at least one positive development that has emerged during a challenging year. 2020 has seen the rise, and continuing rise, of virtual meetings which are unlikely to be going anywhere in a hurry. Like the impact of the pandemic, the mainstream move to virtual meetings will change our lives forever.

Schedule A Virtual meeting with Savransky Private Jeweler


5 reasons - Why you should schedule a virtual meeting with your trusted jeweler before purchasing a jewelry piece.

1. Convenience

convenience plays a pivotal role when deciding to purchase. Especially luxury items, we’d like the process to be as seamless and hassle free as possible. Ever seen a gorgeous piece of Jewelry online but the store is so far away you say to yourself ‘forget it’? Instead of that drive you were dreading, you can now take part in the human experience of the physical flagship store from the comfort of your own homes.

2. Avoid in-store problems

In-store experiences encounter several problems such as stock availability, lack of available service and inability to identify suitable products. However, virtual appointments can overcome these obstacles by screening customers online. Meaning prior to entering the store, team members are empowered with knowledge of the customer needs and expectations.

3. A safe way to shop

With many physical stores now re-opening, physical stores must follow social distancing rules, as for us consumers, hygiene and safety are our top priority.
A virtual appointment offers you a safer way to shop as it avoids your being exposed to unnecessary poor hygiene situations. 

4. A positive mix between online and offline shopping

The virtual appointment lets customers take their shopping experience outside of the store. It's an extension of online shopping, though this leap allows you to experience the products, not just see them. ... People want to see what a product will look like in relation to quality and style before they spend their hard-earned money on it. You can confidently rely on the company to provide an excellent service both online and offline.

5. It provides an engaging and highly personalized experience

During the meeting you have the Jewelry Experts full attention and the meeting is catered to exactly your style and price point. The jewelry experts provide you with a personal, one-on-one shopping experience. You get to physically be a part of the design process. Better yet, integrating appointments online enhances the online shopping experience and establishes a personal connection between the two customers and the jeweler. 

Schedule A Virtual meeting with Savransky Private Jeweler


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