3 Emerald Cut Engagement Rings That Will Make You Say Yes

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings That Will Make Her Say Yes

We are here to shed light on one of the most beautiful diamond cuts! Emerald cut diamonds are some of the most beautiful and unique stones. An emerald-cut diamond features a square or rectangular shape with minor, well-spaced straight facets on each side of the stone. These make it easy to see all of the colors in the diamond's spectrum and ensure that your eyes never have any trouble following light through the stone. It's also more durable than other shapes because there are no corners that can become chipped off over time. Emerald cuts offer a larger surface area than most other shapes, which makes them ideal for sparkling in any lighting without appearing too dark in low-light settings.

Squared Emerald

When thinking of emerald cut diamonds, we think of rectangular shaped diamonds, but the squared emeralds are just as, if not more beautiful than rectangular emerald cuts. Like the princess cut diamond, the squared emerald catches the eye, but the light refractions are larger, rather than the speckled rainbow we are used to seeing reflected from princess cut diamonds, the squared emerald reflects linear, and larger, prism-like refractions. 

Squared Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This square emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, has a 1 carat diamond that is set in a hidden halo that rests upon a pave band. As you can see, the facets of emerald-cuts are extremely unique. The facets create an easy to see diamond, and we recommend that when shopping for emerald cut diamonds, to prioritize on clarity, because inclusions can be more visible on emerald cuts, than other diamond cuts.

Squared emerald cuts are equally as stunning on a gemstone. The squared emerald cut allows the color or the gemstone to really take center stage and the color pops. So if you're looking for a unique engagement ring, anniversary gift or something else, consider a squared emerald gemstone ring!


Squared Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring with Side Stones

Emerald Cut 

The emerald cut is similar to the squared emerald. The emerald cut is a rectangular shape, and the stunning facets are more elongated than the squared emerald, creating an extremely elegant, symmetrical and clean looking diamond. The emerald cut is very complementary to size, and can make any carat diamond look larger than it is as they have a larger surface area. The elongated shape also provides extra sparkle and brilliance. The emerald-cut diamonds are a more modern take on the traditional diamond engagement ring and are perfect for that classy, yet unique person. Check out our new emerald cut ring collection here

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagment Ring with Taper Diamond Side Stones

This emerald cut engagement ring features a 3 carat diamond, with two side diamonds. The emerald cut diamond ring maintains the timeless style of a classic engagement ring, but bring the modern touch and style to it. When looking for new favorite cuts of diamond, the emerald will always be high on the list.

The emerald cut is also highly complementary to gemstones. The long and clean facets of the cut really enhance the color of the gemstone, and makes the stone look great. Some people shy away from gemstones because of how ‘exuberant’ they can be, but the emerald-cut is the perfect shape to have a gemstone ring, whilst still having that clean, and symmetrical look. 

Emerald Cut Red Spinel Gemstone Engagement Ring with Side Stones

To summarize, emerald cut diamonds are some of the most beautiful and unique stones. Whether your going for a square or rectangle shape, the most beautiful and unique cut has to be the emerald cut.  They have a certain 'je ne sais quoi' that other diamonds don't have. If you're looking for an engagement ring that will stand out, then you should consider an emerald-cut diamond. When you take into account how inexpensive it is to buy jewelry online from companies like Savransky Private Jeweler, finding your perfect piece of bling has never been easier! We are here to guide you to creating your own masterpiece that will wow all who see your ring!

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