25th anniversary - The Happiest Anniversary

25th anniversary - The Happiest Anniversary

A 25th Anniversary Save

I’m certainly not the first woman who has ever wondered: What in the world do you buy for a man who has everything?

During the course of our 25-year marriage, my husband has accumulated any and everything he could possibly want. Fortunately, he has a lucrative job that allows him to purchase whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. It’s great for him but causes a conundrum for me when I want to get him something special.

I thought about surprising him with a vacation, but we’ve pretty much been everywhere we want to go—some places twice. So as you can see, I was at a loss.

But then I spoke with my little sister who had recently celebrated her 10-year anniversary. It seems her husband had learned about a fabulous place called Savransky Private Jeweler, which is where her over-the-top stunning yellow diamond ring came from. Of course, I had to ask how my brother-in-law “The Welder” could afford such a magnificent piece of jewelry, and Julie explained about the finance plan they offer. With that type of financing, practically anyone with a job can afford something nice—even my brother-in-law!

So, I went online and booked a virtual meeting, even though we live not far from the Flushing, NY branch. With COVID and all, why leave the house if you don’t have to, right? 

Imagine shopping for upscale jewelry from the comfort of your very own sofa, in your pajamas, while sipping a glass of Chardonnay. It doesn’t get much better than that! And Mr. Savransky was very pleasant and down-to-earth. Not a bit pretentious and there was none of that hard-sell, buy-or-die stuff. I must admit I was a bit nervous at first, but Hanan quickly put me at ease.

I was quite surprised at their men’s line of jewelry. Masculine yet elegant. Very impressive. By the end of the evening, I’d found the perfect gift for my husband. It’s something he would never choose for himself even though it looks as if it were crafted with him in mind: The most amazing salt & pepper diamond ring!


When I gave it to him on our special day, for the first time in his life he was speechless.

Perhaps one day we will visit Israel again, now that we have friends in Tel Aviv! 


Thank you for everything, Mr. Savransky!

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