The Amethyst and its characteristics

The Amethyst and its characteristics

The word “amethyst” originates from the Greek amethystos, which means “not drunk,” —a most appreciated attribute of the February birthstone. On the word of the Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, Amethyst was also the name of a gorgeous, pure, nymph who, with the intention of protecting herself from the intoxicated fury of the god, Dionysus, asked the advice of Diana the Goddess of the Hunt. Legend has it that Diana remedied the situation by changing Amethyst into a portion of clear quartz crystal. Remorsefully, Dionysus poured wine over the crystal, giving the amethyst its color and the attribute of keeping its wearers relatively sober in the face of inebriation. Dionysus was the Greek god of wine and drunkenness, while Bacchus was his Roman counterpart.

In Hebrew, the word for amethyst is “ahlamah”, which means “dream” because it was believed that the gem caused people to have vivid, happy dreams.

In another direction, amethyst is the official gemstone of Ontario, Canada.


A Brief History


By and large, royal families have revered the amethyst’s luscious lavender shades since around 320 BC. According to folklore, the stone endows its wearer with enhanced psychic abilities, physical power and a sharp intellect. If amethyst is your birthstone, wearing one can send a strong message of self-confidence and inner strength.

According to the Bible’s Book of Revelations, the amethyst is among the twelve precious stones that cover Heaven’s walls. Many of the Roman Catholic faith believe the wine served at Mass actually transforms into Christ’s blood. Amethyst is a symbolic favorite of archbishops and is frequently integrated into their ritual rings and jewelry.

Until the 19th century when large quantities of amethyst were found in Brazil, Russia was the chief supplier of this gemstone. What was once as uncommon as emerald, all of a sudden, the amethyst was everywhere. A purple profusion! Today, the key sources of amethyst are in Africa and South America. Brazil is still a major supplier, although Brazilian amethyst sometimes forms in hollow crystal-coated geodes large enough to accommodate a man.


The Birthstone

When we are born, each of the elements of the universe are aligned in particular configurations. Since everything is connected, (as it is above so it is below) the stars and planets are situated in ways that will have both positive and negative influences on our lives

Integral in these constellations and formations is a distinctive set of stimuli and characteristics. As humans we have free will, therefore, we can choose to go with the flow and roll with the punches throughout our lifetimes, or we can learn to understand the stimuli and how it operates, and then try to appropriately adjust our reactions to them.

In short, we have a choice: either accept it, or change it.

Our birthstones have been with us since Day One. They understand us, know what makes us tick, and are aware of our individual aspirations. As such, our birthstones can be like a lucky charm or talisman for us, should we decide to carry our birthstone in our purse or pocket, or wear it as a piece of jewelry. They also have the ability to clear negative karma we may have accumulated from past trans-migrations, thus allowing us an easier, more pleasant experience in life this time around


What an Amethyst Birthstone Means for You


In addition to keeping you from making a (drunken) fool of yourself, as well as increasing personal power and inner strength, many aver the February stone can also:

  • Boosts digestive health
  • Clear up acne
  • Enhance endocrine function
  • Assist with digestive health
  • Diminish headaches
  • Regulates hormones
  • Act as a natural tranquilizer
  • Provide stress relief
  • Show you the path to inner peace.

The amethyst is also quite protective of your spirit. When the stone is worn or carried, the amethysts envelopes your entire aura in a effervesce of violet light. By increasing the vibration of your energy and quieting the mind and spirit, this gem can be a formidable ally to your aura’s suit of armor.   

In addition to the Amethyst’s various useful benefits, the purplish gem can also be crafted into stunning pieces of jewelry. Traditionally amethyst is gifted on the 33rd wedding anniversary

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