Ever wondered what the Peridot gemstone is about?

Ever wondered what the Peridot gemstone is about?

The peridot has been the official August birthstone since the National Association of Jewelers made the announcement in 1912. Its name derives from peritot, the French word for gold, as the stone can occasionally take on a golden tint. Color-wise, peridots run the gamut from a deep emerald green—which is rare—to a celery-green.  Less than high-quality peridot has a brownish tint. The highest grade of the August birthstone is mined in Pakistan and Myanmar.


A Brief History

The peridot is rich in history. Evidence has been uncovered suggesting that the gemstone was mined as early as 1500 BC. During those times, peridot was found predominantly on Geziret El Zabargad or Zabargad Island (also known as St. John’s Island) located in the Red Sea. At the time, peridot stones were collected and set in carved amulets by the island’s inhabitants who were tasked by Pharoah to gather the gems. According to folklore, Pharoah’s subjects worked both day and night since the gems were so luminous that they could be easily found in the dark.

During the Middle Ages, Europeans transported peridot from battles to adorn offering plates in churches. As well, the ancient Hebrews believed that peridot was among the stones decorating Aaron’s breastplate and is also mentioned in the apocalypse (Revelations).

Peridot was also used to foster friendships and relationships as well as dispel jealousy in all forms.  Additionally, the stone was known to deflect the evil eye, bring happiness, and attract lovers but according to Pliny the Elder, the Roman philosopher, it only worked if worn on the right side of the body.

A number of historians report that goblets or other containers made of peridot were used in the treatment of disease. It seemed that curative elixirs sipped from them were more powerful. During the 1500s, if a person wished to sharpen his or her prophetic skills, the peridot could be of assistance. All they had to do was find a nice-sized peridot and carve an image on it. Then, while attempting to prophesy hold the peridot in the right hand. Supposedly, this practice made prophesies more accurate.  Conversely, the carving of a symbol, especially a vulture gave the stone influence over a plethora of infernal spirits and even the winds!

The Birthstone

When we are born, each of the elements of the universe are aligned in particular configurations. Since everything is connected, (as it is above so it is below) the stars and planets are situated in ways that will have both positive and negative influences on our lives

Integral in these constellations and formations is a distinctive set of stimuli and characteristics. As humans we have free will, therefore, we can choose to go with the flow and roll with the punches throughout our lifetimes, or we can learn to understand the stimuli and how it operates, and then try to appropriately adjust our reactions to them.

In short, we have a choice: either accept it, or change it.

Our birthstones have been with us since Day One. They understand us, know what makes us tick, and are aware of our individual aspirations. As such, our birthstones can be like a lucky charm or talisman for us, should we decide to carry our birthstone in our purse or pocket, or wear it as a piece of jewelry. They also have the ability to clear negative karma we may have accumulated from past transmigrations, thus allowing us an easier, more pleasant experience in life this time around

What a Peridot Birthstone Means for You


The multifaceted August birthstone has many gifts to impart. For instance, the peridot is perfect for clearing emotional problems that can negatively impact the physical body. Simply place the stone upon your solar plexus in order to release nervous tension. This will also help relieve feelings of anxiety and guilt, angst or impatience.

If you lose or misplace something in the physical world, the peridot can help you find it if you listen to your intuition. That is how the peridot will speak to you.

In addition to the August birthstone’s numerous positive qualities, peridot can also be crafted into dazzling pieces of jewelry. Traditionally peridot is gifted on the 16th wedding anniversary

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